Sunday, October 16, 2011

Head of the pack

When we hear somebody being called an academic scholar, we usually think of a nerd or a geek. Being a student scholar entails a lot of responsibilities and expectations, but oftentimes, dressing is one of their lesser concerns.
So I gave a group of freshmen scholars a makeover from their usual simple get-ups. The result? A fun fashionshoot!
Some of these student scholars graduated from high school with high honors, while others have won international competitions. Some are remarkable athletes, others champion debaters. Be inspired by their smart study moves—and hip style.
The cool guys
The group’s look is inspired by varsity dressing; it’s all about having fun and bringing in the cool vibe. Key pieces to complete the look: letterman jacket, plaid polo, and graphic shirt.
We kept Alron’s original hairstyle, since it is perfect for the boy-next-door look. Hairstylist Adem Teh applied pomade to Clarence’s straight hair and gave it a sharper look. Stephen’s curly hair wasn’t a problem; it needed jazzing up a bit, and a small amount of wax did the trick.
Good guys got swag
When I met Raffy and Reich, I wanted to boost their confidence and make them feel comfortable about their height and bodies. I gave Raffy a James Dean look by making him wear a leather jacket paired with a T-shirt. For Reich, the grungy look was toned down with an oversized cardigan, for a more preppy look.
To achieve a Dean-ish hairstyle, stylist Adam made Raffy’s hair stand straight up, then flattened it on the sides with hair gel. Reich’s hair, since it was short and spikey, was tamed with wax. Bangs were loosened to frame his face.
Urban hippies
Jen and Marinel are normally T-shirt and jeans combo-wearing girls. I gave them an urban-hippie look perfect for school—comfortable, laid-back yet still stylish. For some effortless street cred, throw in a denim vest and combat boots. We gave Jen’s hair a bit of volume by curling her hair with soft waves. Marinel’s curly hair was given more emphasis by parting it on one side.
Cool brainiacs
Since both Rogie and Gerald are required to present reports in class, giving them prim and proper get-ups was necessary, but still on the easy and comfy side. Invest on a great fitting blazer. It may be in different colors, or can be paired with a hoodie.
Gerald’s hair is thin and wavy, while Rogie’s hair is plain and needs some life. The hairstylist gave Gerald a faux-hawk to complement the cool vibe. Rogie’s hair was lightly curled for a messy, feathered look. Bangs were pinned at the back to show more of her pretty face.


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